• Discover how to play smarter so your child's language skills blossom
  • Learn how to EXPLODE the number of new words your child hears and uses
  • Grab teacher-recommended book lists and vocabulary lists for 5 different types of pretend play

Discover New Ways to Build Your Child's Language and Literacy Skills

Learn how to make the most out of your child's playtime. Help your child to learn more while he plays his favorite games with his favorite toys.

Get lists of great books and vocabulary words that will help to expand your child's world.  All are teacher and parent approved reads. Your kiddo will LOVE them!

About The Guide

Discover how to play SMARTER

Teacher-Recommended Book and Vocabulary Lists

Your kiddo's language skills are directly impacted by these two factors: 

1. The number of words she hears and is encouraged to use

2. The quality of  words she encounters 

Increase both the number and quality by expanding her pretend play through new vocabulary and books

EXPLODE the number of new words your child hears and uses

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